An inheritance mediator is a mediator with knowledge of inheritance law and family relationships, who focuses on issues related to someones death. As an inheritance mediator, I guide parties in finding a solution themselves when a conflict arises in the settlement of an inheritance. I enhance the conversation between the parties. I also inform the parties about the consequences of their choices in the personal, financial and legal fields. I see to it that the agreements made are legally feasible and record them in a settlement agreement.

You can also call in an mediator in anticipation of your death. This way ou can then tell your loved ones in a meeting what your wishes are and the thoughts behind them. You can also make agreements and make arrangements in consultation with the future heirs. This way everything is well organized at the time of your death and quarrels or disagreements can be prevented.

As a tax specialist, in addition to mediation on the settlement of the estate, I can also provide the income tax return for the deceased and the inheritance tax return for the heirs.

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