Do you need help to file the Dutch coperate income tax return of your company as profitable as possible? I can help you.

I have more than 11 years experience in drafting corporate income tax returns for:
– holding companies;
– operating companies;
– fiscal unities; and
– foreign taxpayers.

Nassette is registered with the tax authorities as a tax service provider. This brings with it a number of advantages. Your tax return can (under certain conditions) be included in my postponement scheme, so you are not stuck with the most common deadline of 1 June. It is also possible that Nassette automatically receives copies of the tax assessments imposed on the company by the Tax Authorities. This makes it possible to immediately check whether the assessment is approved or whether an objection should be filed with the Tax Authorities.

Your company can also face situations that affect Dutch corporate income tax. I would be happy to inform you about the possibilities and consequences so you can make informed decisions for your company.

In addition to filing Dutch corporate income tax returns and advice activities, I can also assist with the ordening the administration of your company. Doing so, I do not only look at the current situation, but I also think about the future and the route to be followed to achieve the company’s objectives.

If you have tax returns or tax issues for which you can use my expertice, please contact me free of charge via +31 6 80 10 10 14 or send an e-mail to