If you want to decide how your inheritance will be divided after your death, it is important to draft a will. Without a will, the law determines what happens to your inheritance. By drawing up a will you take control yourself.

There are many reasons to draft a will, such as:
– tax benefits;
– recording your personal wishes;
– leaving your unregistered partner cared for;
– appointing an executor testamentary;
– appointing a guardian for your children.

When you have a good will, you can save on inheritance tax and the Dutch WLZ care contribution. By calculating various options, it can be made visible how much taxes can be saved. The benefits of a good will depend on your personal situation. Eventually the will is drafted by a notary.

Do you already have a will? It may be wise to have it checked again in the course of time. The legislation is adjusted occasionally. It is important to know whether your will also works well under the current law. In addition, your personal situation and wishes can of course also change.

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