If you wish to gain more insight into your current and future financial situation, it is possible to make a financial planning. When drawing up a financial plan, your income, expenses and capital are taken into account. This way an estimation is made of how your income and capital will develop in the future. Based on this assessment, a plan can be made to ensure that you are able to face the future with peace of mind.

Have you built up a capital and wish to transfer it to your children, other loved ones or perhaps a good cause. Various options are possible, such as a gift during your life and transfer after your death.

By mapping out your wishes, your financial situation and the possibilities, a plan can be drafted to achieve the desired goals as optimally as possible.

Estate planning means the measurements to ensure that as little inheritance tax as possible is due on your inheritance. By transferring the inheritance in a structured way, this provides a tax advantage.

Estate Planning is suitable for anyone who has something to pass on. Of course, the interests and savings on taxes are greater if there is a larger capital. You can also arrange more if you have your own company. But also if you have your own home and / or a piggy bank, you can achieve a lot with estate planning.

By means of estate planning you can:
• save inheritance and gift tax;
• determine yourself when and to whom you transfer your assets;
• leave your relatives carefree;
• ensure the continuity of your company.

With estate planning you have less concerns. You are sure that your estate is well organized and that the right protection measures have been taken. The better and clearer you organize your affairs, the smaller the chance of a quarrel among the next of kin.

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