Divorce is emotionally a heavy process, in which a lot has to be arranged and the communication with the ex-partner does not always go well. Especially when you have a lot of arguments with your ex-partner, it is very difficult to keep communicating in a good way. Mediaton offers you the possibility to arrange everything concerning your divorce properly.

During the mediation, together with your former partner, you make agreements about the divorce. Under my guidance, you are looking for a solution that you are both satisfied with. I monitor the process and give both of you the opportunity to tell your side of the story. With mediation you have the opportunity to tell your ex-partner your interests, wishes and emotions. This way you gain more understanding for each other’s situation and more constructive agreements can be made.

The goal is to make good and longterm agreements, which you both support and to restore communication as much as possible. This way it is easier for both parties to keep to the agreements. By making an arrangement, which is experienced as a win-win situation for both parties, you will separate in a much more friendly way. This ensures that you can get along as well as possible after the divorce. This is especially important when, for example, you have children or the same group of friends.