In conflict situations communication is often disrupted, so that no direct communication / negotiation can take place. The goal of mediation is to find an acceptable solution for all parties. This means that all parties prefer this solution to continuing the conflict or going to Court.

In case of lack of mutual trust, a situation can quickly escalate. Mediation is a form of conflict settlement in which the mediator takes the role of neutral, impartial third party. As a mediator I do not resolve the conflict, but enhance the communication so parties can come to a solution themselves. So I mainly guide parties through the process.

As a mediator I put structure into the conversation. By offering space to different and alternative perspectives, communication will be enhanced. It is my job to ensure that all parties have their turn and that speaking time is fairly shared. I also ensure that all relevant information is organized and discussed. During the mediation, attention shifts from the conflicting points of view and associated emotions to the underlying interests of the parties. Based on this, new, constructive solutions for the conflict are sought.

In order to be able to work quickly and efficiently, a mediation agreement is signed at the beginning of the mediation. It contains the rules for the mediation. I keep an eye on this and monitor the progress of the process. The mediation is often concluded with the signing of a settlement agreement in which the agreements made are recorded.

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