Around February, millions of Dutch residents receive an invitation to file a Dutch personal income tax return. If you need help to fill in your tax return as profitable as possible? I can help you.

I have more than 11 years experience in drafting tax returns for:
– private individuals;
– entrepreneurs;
– taxpayers with a 30%-ruling; and
– foreign taxpayers.

Nassette is registered with the Dutch Tax Authorities as a tax service provider. This brings with it a number of advantages. Your tax return can (under certain conditions) be included in my postponement scheme, so you are not stuck with the deadline of 1 April. It is also possible that Nassette automatically receives copies of the tax assessments imposed on you by the Tax Authorities. This makes it possible to immediately check whether the assessment is aproved or whether an objection should be filed with the Tax Authorities.

You can also meet situations that affect your income tax. Think for example of getting or losing a partner, buying a (new) home or the developments of your company. I can inform you about the consequences and possibilities that your situation entails.

In addition to taking care of the personal income tax return and tax advice, I can also assist with ordering your administration, both business and private. Doing so, I do not only look at how your current situation is, but also at what the future looks like and whether it matches your wishes and expectations. If this does not match, then I will be happy to guide you in making a future plan.

If you can use my expertise, please contact me free of charge via +31 6 80 10 10 14 or send an e-mail to