Family mediation is a form of mediation that focuses on conflicts within families. It is aimed at a quick, efficient solution for a specific conflict and is not a form of therapy. Think about a quarrel concerning a legacy, or a situation in which an old conflict disturbs the communication between family members. My goal is to bring the family members back into conversation with each other, clarifying the interests and points of view. Subsequently, the parties can search for a solution together that all parties can agree on.

The topics of conflict can be diverse like:
• Separations;
• distribution of care;
• division of assets and inheritances;
• conflicts within a family business;
• long-term family quarrels.

My tax background means that, in addition to supervising the conversations, I can also provide insight into the tax consequences of the intended agreements.

Do you have a conflict within the family and can you use my help? Feel free to contact me via +31 6 80 10 10 14 or send an email to